Keller Texas - Big City Comforts with Small Town Charm

Let's check out this hidden gem, a relaxed city, the perfect locale to raise a family in Tarrant county - Keller Texas!

I love this town, Keller Texas. In fact, all the people who live here in Keller, just bout all of them, love Keller. There is a good reason, they have great schools, many parks. It is just a lovely, lovely, atmosphere. 

Early Texas Pioneers settled in the area in the 1850s and now Keller has just over 47,000 residents. It has grown about 20 percent since 2020.  It was named like many Texas Towns after a man affiliated with the railroad, John Keller. 

Keller is about 30 minutes north of Downtown Fort Worth and just over 20 minutes to DFW Airport. 

Keller brags…

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California cost of living vs Texas

We got a lot of interest from Californians wanting to move to Texas so I thought I would come out to California to see what all the fuss is about. The exodus from California is real, yall! 

I was in San Diego earlier this year for a conference and took in the sights. California does have some beautiful views but that is not enough for some residents. Uhaul literally ran out of inventory for outbound rentals. No state had more Uhaul inbounds than Texas, just ahead of Florida. 

Our clients tell us they are leaving California for a variety of reasons. The top two - being the political climate, especially how COVID is being handled, and the cost of living. 

First, California’s crippling COVID rules. 

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Best Neighborhoods in Mansfield Texas

Looking to move to Dallas -Fort Worth? the northern suburbs seem to get all the attention but don’t overlook communities to the South. Let's explore one of my favorites, Mansfield, Texas!

Mansfield is located south of Arlington with a population of about 74,000. Mansfield has a mix of old and a lot of new housing developments. It is about 25 minutes from Fort Worth and about 35 minutes from DFW airport. 

The town of Mansfield was named after the two founding fathers, Ralph Man and Julian field, which makes Mansfield and they built a gristmill here. We really enjoyed looking around the history museum located downtown. Ralph Man’s original home has been restored and is open to the public. The historic…

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Why you should not move to Frisco, Texas

The housing market in the Dallas-Fort Worth area continues to sizzle and one particular city gets a lot of love of interest, so much so that it is a hard place to get in. So let's talk about why you should not to move to Frisco, Texas.

Frisco is about 25 miles north of downtown Dallas and has a population of 236,000. It has grown an astonishing 102 percent since 2010. In 2018, Frisco was named the number one best place to live,  and in October of 2020, the city was named the best place in Texas to do business.

The Friso area has many dining, shopping, and entertainment options like The Star, home of the Dallas Cowboys, Stonebriar Mall, Grandscape, FC Dallas Soccer, and Roughriders baseball. Lots to…

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