Dallas-Fort Worth Top Companies to work for

850 people are moving to Texas every single day and if you're looking for a job I'm going to share with you the top corporations here in Texas because everyone needs to have an income, right?Texas is big! If Texas were a country it would be the 40th largest country in the world.

Now we are part of the U.S. but fun fact, Texas is the only state that can display its flag the same height as the U.S. flag if you didn't know that.

Furthermore, Texas is the number one state for fortune 500 headquarters,  Oracle, Tesla, Exxon Mobil AT&T, and American Airlines, and just recently announced Caterpillar Incorporated will move its global headquarters to the company's existing office in Irving, Texas from…

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Southlake is considered one of the best places to live in Texas now. There are some drawbacks to Southlake, so let me share the pros and cons of living in Southlake Texas!

PRO'S & Con's


PRO: Carroll ISD is a big attraction for families who enroll their kids in public schools. They are known for having the number one test scores in Texas and have great sports teams and other great programs and activities for students. 

Southlake ISD

CON: But there is a con for the schools, it can get pretty competitive both in academics and in sports. If you have a student who wants to play sports but has not grown up in little league or maybe they just want to play for fun… they may not make the team. When I was a kid, I…

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Living in Frisco pros & cons

Are you thinking about moving to Frisco, Texas? If so, then this is for you! I'm going to share with you some pros and cons of living in this very popular city in Texas!


1. Entertainment - If you love getting out of the house for shopping, dining, hanging out with friends, and entertainment? Frisco has you covered. Frisco Texas has some of the best entertainment options at your fingertips. The Star, the Dallas Cowboys headquarters is a fun hang out destination for a date night or for the whole family. Sci Tech Discovery Center is a hands on learning experience for kids, next door is the National Video Game Museum, Frisco Fresh market, DR Pepper Ball Park Stadium for the baseball minor leagues, Toyota…

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