5 REASONS TO move to texas

In this blog, I'm going to share some reasons why people are moving to Texas from all over the world!

1. Lifestyle

The first reason many are moving to Texas that I hear from families is they love Texas because it is a very kid-friendly and even pet-friendly state.  The lifestyle here in Texas really is desirable for most of the people moving here and what's interesting is we have a good family lifestyle, especially in the suburbs but if you're single there's plenty of places in Dallas to move and to Texas, if your lifestyle is for the country. Think of all the land that we have here in Texas and you don't have to go too far I'd say probably 45 minutes out from a metropolitan area if you like the country…

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5 Reasons to LOVE Dallas!

I'm going to share five things that I love about Dallas! 

There are so many things to love about Dallas, I love this city and we've visited Clyde Warren Park just one of the beautiful places here in Dallas.

1. Endless Activities

The first thing I love about Dallas is the endless activities we have here. I mean we're talking about Parks we have the Clyde Warren Park Katy Trail there are

so many parks and outdoor recreation all throughout the Dallas area. I went to Katy Trail which is a running, biking even speeding trail that runs from Uptown on through on it. 

It used to be called MKT. So you have that which is excellent then you're also going to have great shopping, you're going to have high-end…

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The Dallas Fort Worth area is a few hundred miles away from the coast but did you know living near water is easy in the metroplex? Let’s take a deep dive into Lake Living here in North Texas where we have miles and miles of shoreline!

Dallas-Fort Worth didn’t start out as a land of lakes but due to flood control measures, we gained a lot of shorelines.  

Here in Dallas-Fort Worth, we have 8 large lakes to go boating and have lots of activities on. And these lakes are super close, so if you are a fan of water... you are in luck!

We have Eagle Mountain Lake, Lake Worth, Benbrook Lake, Lewisville Lake, Grapevine Lake, Joe Pool Lake, Lake Lavon, and Lake Ray Hubbard.

There are basically three lot types considered lake…

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