best gated and guarded neighborhoods in
dallas-fort worth 

Many families have requested more information about gated and guarded communities, so I will share my top 10 favorite gated and guarded neighborhoods in Dallas-Fort Worth.

These secure neighborhoods are spread throughout Dallas Fort Worth and offer many different styles of homes and lot sizes for all types of families.  Also, these are in no particular order.


Vaquero in West Lake is one of the most unique neighborhoods in all of Dallas-Fort Worth. Vaquero is a beautiful gated and guarded community in Westlake, Texas.  Westlake is an exclusive city, really a small town and you will find many celebrities living in Vaquero. 

Vaquero is known for its lovely country…

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Texas may not be what you thought! Let me share with you some misconceptions about Texas and I'm gonna tell you, you're not going to want to miss it!

1. We wear boots and hats around town

The first misconception about living in Texas is that not everybody wears a cowboy hat and cowboy boots everywhere they go. However, it is socially acceptable to wear a cowboy hat in cowboy boots in Texas you're not an outsider if you do. If you're in Downtown Dallas you might get a couple of stairs but if you're in Fort Worth or San Antonio it's no big deal to wear a cowboy hat, boots and if you go to the Stockyards, Fort Worth Stockyards if you don't have a cowboy hat and Boots, you're missing out.

Texans love their boots…

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If you're considering moving to Texas in 2023 there are some things you want to consider.

There are 10 things that you should consider when moving to Texas.

1. Narrow down which major metropolitan area you want first. 

The first thing you want to do if you're considering moving to Texas is to narrow down which major metropolitan area you want to move to now maybe you want to move to the country land and that's okay. But most people are moving to the city or to the suburbs so you'll want to divide up Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and maybe even Fort Worth. So I would say there are five major metropolitan areas you want to narrow that down.

2. Consider the climate of…

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5 Things I Hate About Living in Dallas-Fort Worth

If you have watched one of my videos on my channel before you know that I talk a lot about why I love Texas and why I love living here. The truth is I do not want to move, I want to live in Texas but I'm going to share five things l hate about living in Dallas Fort Worth, specifically. 


One of the things I hate about Dallas Fort Worth is the traffic! Now, let me just talk about this traffic thing. It depends on what time you go so anywhere between 7 A.M and 8 A.M obviously there's traffic pretty much everywhere. 

There are certain Pockets that if it's at four o'clock I don't want to go to because of school traffic. But just to kind of give you an idea about this whole traffic…

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