The most attractive cities on the rise in Texas!

Looking for the best cities in Texas on the rise? 

I've traveled all over Texas looking for the best places to live in Texas and found a few special cities on the rise. factoring in how many building permits are going in for new homes, business attraction, high ranking public schools, square miles available for development, and local reputation, these are my top picks for cities on the rise:

  1. Celina, Texas - Celina, Texas is the number one city on the list for several reasons. It has the most new construction permits filed of all the cities in Texas, and that's for a good reason! Celina is probably one of the most community-focused cities I have encountered with many fun events scheduled throughout the year. They have a dedicated community center in the town square providing information on events and up-and-coming businesses to the area. There is so much room to develop and their plans look amazing. The master-planned communities are absolutely stunning and the school districts both Celina ISD and Prosper ISD are top-notch. 
  2. Frisco, Texas - Frisco has been one of the hottest growing cities in the country for several years now, exploding in 2020 and 2021! And with 69 square miles, it still has room to grow! In fact, one of the hottest communities and attractions coming to DFW will be in Frisco. Frisco Fields has just taken ground to build what I call a city in a city. Their goal is to create an all-in-one, walkable area for living, business, shopping, dining, and community events. It is being developed with the PGA headquarters and will be the hottest community coming in probably 2023. Homes are not ready to purchase yet, but just know this will the hottest talk of the town. Frisco also has some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in all of Texas with so many fun activities to explore. There's a reason Frisco is named as one of the best places to live in the U.S. 
  3. Boerne, Texas - Boerne is such a lovely small city propped up in the beautiful land of the Hill Country. The downtown area is quaint and has some of the best restaurants you can let your tastebuds dance! The parks are beautiful and the neighborhoods are well maintained. If you are looking for a luxury home, Boerne has some of the most stunning views with friendly affluent Texas communities. 
  4. Northlake, Texas - If you are drawn to Fort Worth for business, lifestyle or the more conservative life, Northlake is the hottest city on the rise. While it has a much different feel than the other cities mentioned here, it's worth talking about for the next thing to hit North Fort Worth. Northlake has some of the most community-focused neighborhoods including Pecan Square and Harvest, both Hillwood developments. With on-site activity directors hosting food truck dinners, meet and greets, movie night and so much more, if you're looking to make friends fast, these neighborhoods are on target. Northlake does not yet have a grocery store, so you do have to drive a good 15 minutes to Flower Mound, but it won't be too long before one comes in. Schools are great and the family environment is wonderful. Northlake is just emerging, and you may want to get in while it's still young.  
  5. Dripping Springs, Texas - Dripping Springs is a hot town developing west of Austin Texas. With beautiful homes and neighborhoods seated on top of lovely hills, many moving from California to Texas is finding this a bit more like home. It's a small town, but people are flooding in for a breath of fresh air from Austin. The schools are great and the downtown area is so cute. While it's been a rural town in the past, it won't be for long.