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Saying Dana is the best realtor we've ever worked with doesn't fully capture it. She's among the finest people we've ever met! In July 2023, Adam and I felt led to relocate from New Jersey to Texas by January 2024. With only half a year to prepare, we were unsure about our future residence and how we would manage such a sudden move. Through prayer, we sought clarity and guidance. Soon after, Adam discovered Dana Pollard and her exceptional team on YouTube. He enjoyed her videos and introduced me to her comprehensive content, which showcased her passion for assisting people moving to Texas from anywhere. In no time at all, we had our initial call with Dana. Soon after, we visited Texas to finalize our new home build in person. Throughout the process, Dana, who works at an incredible pace, ensured we were well-informed at every stage, enabling us to make the best decisions for our first single-family home. When unforeseen situations arose, Dana helped us remain focused on our ultimate goal, guiding us to take deliberate steps forward. This led us to a home that exceeded our expectations! We are profoundly grateful for Dana's genuine goodwill. Her desire for our best was evident in her treatment of us, the actions she took on our behalf, and the information she presented throughout the home-buying process. She is truly exceptional, a 100 out of 10, and a real gem. 💎✨
My wife and I made the decision to relocate from NYC to Texas in 2023, but we were unsure about how to make it happen. Despite searching from a long distance, we had high expectations of finding the perfect home. To begin our search, we turned to YouTube videos to learn about neighborhoods and get home buying suggestions. That's when we came across Dana's YouTube channel on Texas real estate, and it completely changed everything for us. We found Dana's channel to be both entertaining and educational, and, most importantly, her content and business practices aligned with our family values. After careful consideration, we decided to work with Dana - a decision that turned out to be the best one we could have made for our move. With Dana's expertise and the support of her husband Brandon, we found our dream home in just one week during a trip to Texas. Today, we are proud to say that we have closed on our new home! Dana is an incredibly talented agent who is deeply committed to integrity. We cannot imagine having worked with anyone better than her!
Katie Lira is a super hero! She helped me move my extended family across the country. Katie walked through a new home build with my parents. She showed great care and listened to my family. It was a huge change for my parents as they lived in their home over 50 years before moving across the country. I relied on her to work with our agent in WA. Katie also helped my sister and her husband purchase a resale home. Even though the inspection said the roof was fair, she insisted a roofer come out and inspect the roof. The roof was damaged and replaced by the seller's insurance company. Katie saved us a lot of money and grief with a potentially bad roof and she helped negotiate a great deal for my sister and her husband. Katie is very approachable and easy to work with and she knows her stuff. I highly recommend Katie to anyone looking for an experienced, knowledgable real estate professional! She proved herself twice with us. We used the Dana Pollard Group to purchase our home 2 years ago. We worked with Kay who was spectacular! I was sad to hear that she had moved into managment at Dana Pollard Group and couldn't help my parents and sister. However, she recommended Katie, who was just as wonderful to work with as Kay. We've made 3 purchases now with Dana Pollard Group and would highly recommend them.
We had the pleasure of working with Julia Telligman from the Dana Pollard Group, and we couldn't be more thrilled with our experience. From the moment we first connected with the group and explained our needs - selling our current home and finding a new one in the same school district - Julia was a true gem. Julia's dedication and attention to detail were evident right from the start. She reached out to us promptly, even at 9 pm, to set up a meeting. Not only did she make herself available immediately, but she also took the time to ask insightful questions about our goals. When Julia visited our home, she came prepared with a thoughtful gift and a comprehensive packet of information that outlined what to expect when selling our house. She even provided us with examples of pre-closing disclosures based on thorough market analysis. Her professionalism and preparedness were impressive. On the buying side, Julia continued to excel. She took our requirements to heart and diligently gathered details from the home builder's salesperson, making the process seamless for us. We had a specific neighborhood in mind, and Julia made sure to explore all our options. Julia's dedication didn't stop there. She ran open houses and maintained clear and consistent communication with us throughout the entire process. Thanks to her expertise and hard work, we sold our house in just seven days, a remarkable 66% faster than the average days on the market. When it came to buying our new home, Julia handled everything, sparing us from the hassle of dealing with the builder's salesperson. Her commitment to excellence was evident every step of the way. Having bought and sold multiple homes in the past, we can confidently say that working with Julia was our best experience by far. Her professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to her clients are unparalleled. We wholeheartedly recommend Julia Telligman and the Dana Pollard Group to anyone in need of exceptional real estate services. Thank you, Julia, for making our home-selling and buying journey truly outstanding!
The Dana Pollard Group and Griselda our realtor made this process absolutely wonderful. We were moving back to the states from living overseas and made the transition very smooth. Highly recommend using The Dana Pollard Group and ask for Griselda!
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