10 reasons why I will never ever leave Texas unless these 3 things happen!

Living in Texas is more than just a geographical choice; it’s a lifestyle. In this blog post, I’ll share the 10 compelling reasons why I’ve chosen to build my life in the Lone Star State. From family bonds to the unique Texas culture, each element contributes to my deep-rooted love for this state. However, I’ll also explore the hypothetical scenarios that could potentially prompt me to consider leaving, adding a touch of realism to my unwavering commitment.


Raising Kids in a Texas Bubble:

  1. Embracing the intentional choice to raise my kids in a supportive environment filled with like-minded families and shared values has shaped them into wonderful adults. Texas, with its rich culture, played a pivotal role in creating this nurturing bubble.


Family Ties:

  1. My immediate family, including parents, siblings, and their families, all call Texas home. The shared love for this state has become a unifying force, reinforcing my desire to stay close to the ones I hold dear.


Cultural Love:

  1. The warmth and friendliness of the Texas culture resonate with me. While acknowledging the occasional judgmental encounters, I find solace in the values that this state upholds, making it a place I’m proud to call home.


Scenic Beauty:

Texas boasts diverse landscapes, from the enchanting Hill Country to the convenience of being a short flight away from beach destinations. Despite missing mountains and oceans, the accessibility to natural beauty makes Texas an ideal location.

Central Location for Travel:

  1. Positioned centrally in the country, Texas facilitates easy travel with major airports in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Whether it’s a quick getaway or a family vacation, the central location adds to the appeal.


Admiration for Texas Policies:

  1. While acknowledging that no system is perfect, I appreciate the overall governance and policies of Texas. The state’s approach during challenging times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, has instilled a sense of pride in being a Texan.


Leadership Appreciation:

Expressing admiration for the current governor’s leadership style, I value the emphasis on personal responsibility and kindness. The balance struck during trying times reflects a governance approach that aligns with my principles


Weather Preferences:

  1. The Texan weather, with its warm summers and occasional thunderstorms, aligns with my personal preference. The prospect of long, hot days outweighs the appeal of enduring cold winter months or incessant rainy days.

Affordability and Housing Options:

Despite the economic challenges, Texas remains reasonably affordable, especially when it comes to housing. The diverse options, from city living to expansive country lots, provide a range of choices for residents.

Investment in Texas Real Estate:

  1. Personally invested in Texas real estate, I appreciate the stability it offers. With a focus on securing housing prices for the long term, the prospect of maintaining a good quality of life in Texas remains a priority.

Considering the Unthinkable:

Family Decisions:

Despite my unwavering commitment to Texas, I acknowledge that certain circumstances could prompt a reassessment of this decision. The three hypothetical scenarios that might lead me to consider leaving include:

Policy Shifts:

  1. A significant shift in state policies that directly impacts my livelihood could prompt a reconsideration. While unlikely, the importance of adaptable governance is crucial.

Affordability Challenges:

If the cost of living becomes unmanageable due to unforeseen economic shifts, exploring other regions with a better cost-of-living balance might become a necessity.


In essence, my love for Texas is deeply rooted in a combination of familial bonds, cultural affinity, and a commitment to the unique lifestyle this state offers. While the idea of leaving remains a distant thought, acknowledging the potential triggers for such a decision adds a layer of realism to my unwavering commitment to the Lone Star State.

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